Costa Rica + Hot Springs

costa rica hot springs

Hello 🙂  My mom and I arrived in Costa Rica a few days ago and let me just say it has been QUITE the adventure so far haha. It took such a long time to get here because we had a 13 hr layover in Atlanta. When we finally arrived in Costa Rica we had to get our rental car and then drive 4 hours to our air bnb. We were soo dead tired!! The roads here are super narrow and it was down pouring and thundering and lightening which made the drive a little scary. I am such a backseat driver and was feeling some serious anxiety.. meh. Anyway! We finally made it to our place and it was just so bad. My mom and I can both really make the most of anything but this was just not cool. We were in the middle of the stunning jungle so we were really trying to be like OK! wow, this is really awesome, but it just wasn’t. The house was surrounded by windows and there were no screens and they also didn’t lock.  All I could picture was a monkey sliding the window open in the middle of the night and stepping into the house and poking me awake!! Could you freaking imagine?!! I am really scared of monkeys (I’d love to see one from a distance..maybe) so this was really not a fun thought. Long story short, we ended up renting a hotel nearby, still very much in the jungle but this time window screens were included… phew.  Oh well, we really had absolutely nothing to complain about, we are SO lucky to be here and I guess that’s how traveling adventures go sometimes, right?! haha. The next day we were feeling much more alive. We ventured to Tabacon to visit the natural hot springs for the day.

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Walls in Los Angeles You Know You Want to Visit plus some street love

pink wall Los Angeles

This is my “am I doing this wall thing right?!…” face ha. I would really like to think I am not alone here.  Some people give others such a hard time for hitting up all the coolest art walls in LA, but like come on.. you know you want to go too! I seriously love visiting pretty walls! Not only is it a great opportunity to take a fun picture, but I am always so inspired! Like WHOA!! Who the heck painted this?? All the colors, all the people having fun, someone’s vision that has come to life… for the artist, photographer and model! Rant over haha. Point is, I love going to visit walls and usually make a day of it whenever I go. Downtown, the art district, melrose… it’s all so fun!  Here are some of the cutest walls in LA (in my opinion) and some street love that I think we can all appreciate 🙂

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Venice CA (& some fav summer face products)

venice california heart wall

Venice CA is for sure one of my favorite places in southern california to shop, people watch, walk around and get a tasty bite to eat! I lived in Culver City for a year which was pretty close to Venice, so I tried to go as often as I could! Los Angeles is an awesome city for so many reasons.  I am not totally sure why, but sometimes I didn’t always find it as inspiring as some other places. So, to me Venice was a little escape, still within the greater LA area but something about it was much more peaceful, exciting and inspiring. I could seriously wander around abbot kinney blvd. all day! Just looking around, poking my head into every store, eating honey lavender ice cream from Salt & Straw and buying wayyy too many cards. I love cute cards and will never pass up a chance to snag one for a friend or even myself haha.  I bought this card from one of the cutest stores, Burro.  It said “even shooting stars dream of you” and I just wrote a little note to myself! haha. One of my other favorite things to do is walk around the Venice Canals. It is soo quiet and absolutely the cutest little area to live.  Last time I was there I saw a mommy duck with her little duckings! They were so fluffy and cute and just cracking me up trying to keep up with each other :’)

These pictures were taken on one of my last days in LA, I strolled around Venice, had two drinks (maybe 3?) from Intelligentsia Coffee (obviously the coffee and matcha is great! but you gotta try the peony tea!!) and got mexican food.

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Joshua Tree

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Joshua Tree with two of my girlfriends, Clea and Jade 🙂 They are absolutely the best and we had such a fun time! We all soo badly needed to get away for a bit and this was seriously the most perfect way to do so! Joshua Tree has quickly become one of my favorite places. If you haven’t been I highly suggest you plan a trip there soon.  There is lots to do in the park and what I love about this national park in particular is that you can really pull over anywhere and explore! There is something extremely peaceful about the desert and I just love all the plants (the cactus plants… ah!!), little animals, quite and all that space! It’s so refreshing. Another thing I love about Joshua Tree is that when you enter the actual park there is no cell service. You have no choice but to just BE there.  It’s so great.

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New York City Flea Market

orange yellow wall

This past weekend I went to New York City for the first time in soo long! Since being home in New Hampshire for the summer (before I venture back to socal… you can read about that here.)  I am trying my best to do as many east coast things as possible. I absolutely love summers on the east coast… you simply can’t beat them. Between Portsmouth, Boston, Cape Cod, Burlington, and everything Maine… it is the loveliest place to be.  Living is peaceful and simple, the world is green and clean, the air smells good after it rains and the stars are heavenly. If you’ve been, you know what I am talking about.  So, while New England will always have my heart, last weekend New York City stole it.

The entire time I was there I pretty much just pretended I was Charlotte from Sex and the City.  She is my ALL time favorite tv character, partially because that entire show is one of my favorites and also because I find her so relatable :’) every time I rewatch the show it makes me sad to think about the fact that she isn’t real and we can’t be friends!!

My mom and I spent the weekend in the city and had the best time! We checked out the Brooklyn Flea Market, and I highly recommend it!

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Mini Life Update

yellow flowers

Hi! Here’s just a little life update, I will probably add to this post but for now I’ll just share a few things 🙂

I’ve lived in Southern California for the past 5 years – 4 in Orange County and 1 in Los Angeles.  After I graduated school I always knew I wanted to have a summer at home where I grew up in sweet little New Hampshire.  There was a lot of explorin’ I wanted to do on the east coast and I really missed my family and best of all pals.  So, that brings me to this summer! I am lucky to have a job where I work remotely, so I peaced out of LA for a bit to come home.  LA has been great, full of tons of people I love and amazing places and things to do! But I needed a little break, wanted some fresher air, greener grass, and less people for a while!

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Summertime Infused Water

lavender cucumber and mint infused water

Hey guys! 🙂 Here to talk about summer, all of it’s sweetness and infused water!  Summertime is in full swing and it is sooo hot and humid here in NH.  Recently, I have been getting the worse headaches and I honestly think it is because I am not drinking enough water.  The heat sucks up all your lil body’s water!!… not nice. I am home for the summer and am loving the clean well water we have (if you live in a city you better not be drinking your sink water! this is a theory I have by the way, I have been told city water is in fact very clean… but I beg to differ..)  After living in LA for the past year I forgot how special it was to have clean backyard water filled with all those sparkly minerals.

I’ve loveddd infused waters for such a long time!  Since it’s hard for me to remember to drink enough water throughout the day, I have tried many ways to remind myself.  Get a fancy water bottle, get another fancy but also cute water bottle, straw! two straws!! timer on my phone, seriously lots of things.  BUT what I have found that works as a good reminder is when the water is yummy.  When my water is tasty I notice myself actually looking forward to drinking it AND refilling my glass (or cute and fancy bottle) throughout the day.  Not only is infused water super tasty but it is also really good for you.

There are a lot of ways to make your water a little more exciting but this is one of my favorites (besides your good ol’ lemon wedge.)  So, if you’re like me and don’t drink enough water… or even if you aren’t like me and DO drink enough water, you all should try out this little summertime infusion

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