Summer is for Girls & Pink

pink girl power

Here to talk about girls and pink 🙂 I got this t shirt a few weeks ago and I love love love it! Not only is it PINK, but it also has a flower on it and ALSO says “girl power” oh and ALSO is slightly distressed which I stinkin love. Have you seriously ever seen a better shirt?!  I highly recommend it, it’s super comfy and come on… represent the power of girls. I also wanted to share the best purchase I have made in a long time… this Rag & Bone backpack (the color is sold out on the r&b website but can be found at revolve) that can also be transitioned into a handle bag.

This bag has been on my eye for a veryyy long time. Whenever I would see it on display I always admired it, tried it on and pretended it was mine haha.  When it finally went on sale I bought it!  I got it for under $200 so if you want it, keep an eye out! Since I wear a lot of neutrals, few patterns and many shades of pink… so this light blush color was perfect for me. I also LOVE that it comes in black and gray versions.

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Thoughts On “Pura Vida” + 8 things

costa rica tortuga island

Sharing some pictures from a few days ago when we explored a little island. The views in Costa Rica have been nothing but breathtaking.. between the waterfalls, volcanos, mountain views and tropical jungle. There is such a peace about everywhere we have been. These pictures were from a day where we took a boat to an island and explored in the morning.  The island is called Tortuga Island, named after its shape of a sea turtle (tortuga means turtle in Spanish.) The island was completely untouched and the jungle was so dense past the beach. There was no way to connect to the world beyond the island, the only thing to do was to just BE there.  I talked a little about the power of just “being” in this post.. but wanted to add a new lens this time.  The Pura Vida lens 🙂

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