Summertime Infused Water

lavender cucumber and mint infused water

Hey guys! ūüôā Here to talk about summer, all of it’s sweetness and infused water! ¬†Summertime is in full swing and it is sooo hot and humid here in NH. ¬†Recently, I have been getting the worse headaches and I honestly think it is because I am not drinking enough water. ¬†The heat sucks up all your lil body’s water!!… not nice. I am home for the summer and am loving the clean well water we have (if you live in a city you better not be drinking your sink water! this is a theory I have by the way, I have been told city water is in fact very clean… but I beg to differ..) ¬†After living in LA for the past year I forgot how special it was to have clean backyard water filled with all those sparkly minerals.

I’ve loveddd infused waters for such a long time! ¬†Since it’s hard for me to remember to drink enough water throughout the day, I have tried many ways to remind myself. ¬†Get a fancy water bottle, get another fancy but also cute water bottle, straw! two straws!! timer on my phone, seriously lots of things. ¬†BUT what I have found that works as a good reminder is when the water is yummy. ¬†When my water is tasty I notice myself actually looking forward to drinking it AND refilling my glass (or cute and fancy bottle) throughout the day. ¬†Not only is infused water super tasty but it is also really good for you.

There are a lot of ways to make your water a little more exciting but this is one of my favorites (besides your good ol’ lemon wedge.) ¬†So, if you’re like me and don’t drink enough water… or even if you aren’t like me and DO drink enough water, you all should try out this little summertime infusion

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