A Versatile Fall Look & Thoughts on Caliente

Happy weekend everyone! Do you have any special plans for the weekend? I am currently in the airport on my layover as I make my way back to NH. It is 4am and I am soo sleepy but sleeping on flights is not something I can do easily. Can’t wait to share some fall pictures from stunning New England 🙂 keep your eyes out!

I took these pictures a few weeks ago when it became officially fall but was still extremely hot in southern CA.  It was so stinkin hot that I waited until the sun was set before I went outside haha. One of my favorite things about this season is the deep neutral colors… I find them soothing and peaceful. These pictures also have a hit of deep orange / red… which could also be described as caliente! If you have not heard, caliente has been named color of the year by Benjamin Moore. What a perfect color choice. I am a fan of the pick and mostly because of what it means…

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Fall Camping

Fall is here!! & I am loving it so much.  It is never totally fall in southern CA, but there are a handful of days where the air feels fresh, the breeze is cool and it just smells like the season.  A few weeks ago I went on a camping trip to Malibu and it was just so lovely. Usually, there is no cell service at camp sites and that is something I always look forward to. You have no choice but to just BE there and those moments are priceless 🙂 You can peek this post too, I talk a bit about just being.

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usa road trip: Chicago & St. Louis

the bean, chicago, girls, roadtrip

Chicago & St. Louis, both cities I honestly knew very little about before we arrived. Let me first start by saying that Chicago was WARMLY and desperately welcomed by us haha. We arrived in Chicago at about 5:30am after driving 16 hours – straight from NYC. We were delusional and I remember very little about our arrival. This was the night where we ran out of gas in a corn field in Ohio, hiked to a gas station and got sprayed by an exploding gas pump (and that series of events do not even scratch the surface of the disaster we were in the middle of…) SO our arrival into Chicago felt like heaven haha. Take a peek at my road trip tips here to avoid a few very avoidable mistakes.

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usa road trip: Central Park

new york city, NYC, central

Central Park… what a dream. This was a highlight of the NYC trip for sure. Take a peeky at this recent post I did about NYC.  I decided to do a separate little post on Central Park because it deserves lots of loveee 🙂 I think what I adore most about this park is looking at how happy everyone is there! So many people wander the park, all doing their own thing and I just love that! Parents are with their little kids, couples are loving and chatting, busy workers are on their break, some are solo just enjoying the fresh air, musicians are playing for all and artists are enjoying the landscape. When I move to the city I know for sure I will spend a lot of time there. I already can’t wait. The other truly captivating thing about this park is that it is pretty quiet for being surrounded by a crazy city.. it feels like an escape from all the chaos.

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usa road trip: When In New York City

nyc, new york city, top of the rock

Here we go! The first stop of the grand USA road trip. Beautiful New York City. New York City… all I have to say is that I am in LOVE with you. Take a peek at this post to catch up on why I did this trip and read a few road trip tips! Anyway… If you have not been to NYC then I highly suggest putting it on your list soon. I have been to the city a handful of times and hope to go back in the fall either this year or next. Fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite season and you just don’t get that amazing fall feeling here in Southern California. This trip confirmed for me one things: I want to live in NYC at some point in my life. Between being able to walk everywhere, the history, the art, the fashion, the people, central park… there is something so inspirational about the city that I truly can’t explain! You’ll just have to go and see what I mean for yourself 😉

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6 Tips for your cross country road trip

pink usa map vintage road trip


First post in a bit! Hi! Everything has been totally nutso lately. I just got back from a road trip, and between working and moving I feel so crazy! Anyway, here is a kick off post to a few more fun ones coming soon 🙂 Peek at the bottom to see a few cozy items that made the trip more comfortable!

Driving across the US is probably one of the most beautiful and reflective things anyone could do in their lifetime. It is one of those experiences that creates moments that will never be forgotten… and it is within those moments that you find yourself noticing a single instance; that instance you will hold in your heart forever. It is those moments within moments that change us forever.

I have driven across the country twice now and I would do it again and again if I could!! Let me first start by telling you one thing… it is a LONG drive haha. There is nothing quick about it, so you better buckle in (or hang out the sunroof) and enjoy the ride.

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Summer is for Girls & Pink

pink girl power

Here to talk about girls and pink 🙂 I got this t shirt a few weeks ago and I love love love it! Not only is it PINK, but it also has a flower on it and ALSO says “girl power” oh and ALSO is slightly distressed which I stinkin love. Have you seriously ever seen a better shirt?!  I highly recommend it, it’s super comfy and come on… represent the power of girls. I also wanted to share the best purchase I have made in a long time… this Rag & Bone backpack (the color is sold out on the r&b website but can be found at revolve) that can also be transitioned into a handle bag.

This bag has been on my eye for a veryyy long time. Whenever I would see it on display I always admired it, tried it on and pretended it was mine haha.  When it finally went on sale I bought it!  I got it for under $200 so if you want it, keep an eye out! Since I wear a lot of neutrals, few patterns and many shades of pink… so this light blush color was perfect for me. I also LOVE that it comes in black and gray versions.

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Thoughts On “Pura Vida” + 8 things

costa rica tortuga island

Sharing some pictures from a few days ago when we explored a little island. The views in Costa Rica have been nothing but breathtaking.. between the waterfalls, volcanos, mountain views and tropical jungle. There is such a peace about everywhere we have been. These pictures were from a day where we took a boat to an island and explored in the morning.  The island is called Tortuga Island, named after its shape of a sea turtle (tortuga means turtle in Spanish.) The island was completely untouched and the jungle was so dense past the beach. There was no way to connect to the world beyond the island, the only thing to do was to just BE there.  I talked a little about the power of just “being” in this post.. but wanted to add a new lens this time.  The Pura Vida lens 🙂

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Costa Rica + Hot Springs

costa rica hot springs

Hello 🙂  My mom and I arrived in Costa Rica a few days ago and let me just say it has been QUITE the adventure so far haha. It took such a long time to get here because we had a 13 hr layover in Atlanta. When we finally arrived in Costa Rica we had to get our rental car and then drive 4 hours to our air bnb. We were soo dead tired!! The roads here are super narrow and it was down pouring and thundering and lightening which made the drive a little scary. I am such a backseat driver and was feeling some serious anxiety.. meh. Anyway! We finally made it to our place and it was just so bad. My mom and I can both really make the most of anything but this was just not cool. We were in the middle of the stunning jungle so we were really trying to be like OK! wow, this is really awesome, but it just wasn’t. The house was surrounded by windows and there were no screens and they also didn’t lock.  All I could picture was a monkey sliding the window open in the middle of the night and stepping into the house and poking me awake!! Could you freaking imagine?!! I am really scared of monkeys (I’d love to see one from a distance..maybe) so this was really not a fun thought. Long story short, we ended up renting a hotel nearby, still very much in the jungle but this time window screens were included… phew.  Oh well, we really had absolutely nothing to complain about, we are SO lucky to be here and I guess that’s how traveling adventures go sometimes, right?! haha. The next day we were feeling much more alive. We ventured to Tabacon to visit the natural hot springs for the day.

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Walls in Los Angeles You Know You Want to Visit plus some street love

pink wall Los Angeles

This is my “am I doing this wall thing right?!…” face ha. I would really like to think I am not alone here.  Some people give others such a hard time for hitting up all the coolest art walls in LA, but like come on.. you know you want to go too! I seriously love visiting pretty walls! Not only is it a great opportunity to take a fun picture, but I am always so inspired! Like WHOA!! Who the heck painted this?? All the colors, all the people having fun, someone’s vision that has come to life… for the artist, photographer and model! Rant over haha. Point is, I love going to visit walls and usually make a day of it whenever I go. Downtown, the art district, melrose… it’s all so fun!  Here are some of the cutest walls in LA (in my opinion) and some street love that I think we can all appreciate 🙂

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