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Central Park… what a dream. This was a highlight of the NYC trip for sure. Take a peeky at this recent post I did about NYC.  I decided to do a separate little post on Central Park because it deserves lots of loveee 🙂 I think what I adore most about this park is looking at how happy everyone is there! So many people wander the park, all doing their own thing and I just love that! Parents are with their little kids, couples are loving and chatting, busy workers are on their break, some are solo just enjoying the fresh air, musicians are playing for all and artists are enjoying the landscape. When I move to the city I know for sure I will spend a lot of time there. I already can’t wait. The other truly captivating thing about this park is that it is pretty quiet for being surrounded by a crazy city.. it feels like an escape from all the chaos.

Clea and I spent the morning in the park enjoying coffee and some pastries. We were both so happy and just kept saying how we wished we could stay longer. We were so in love with being there that we TOTALLY lost track of time and snapped back to reality once we realized we were late to check out of the hotel! haha. Luckily they were super nice about it and gave us late check out. oops.

Gapstow bridge, new york city, central park

Gapstow bridge, new york city, central park

Gapstow bridge, new york city, central park

Gapstow bridge, new york city, central park

Gapstow bridge, new york city, central park

There is so much to see in the park, you could spend forever exploring! Here are a few special spots:

  1. Gapstow Bridge (so romantic, and peaceful)
  2. Sheep Meadow (tons of space to run around and relax in the grass, the city skyline surrounds it)
  3. The pool (you’d probably recognize this spot bc it’s in tons of movies!)
  4. Belvedere castle (a castle… in the middle of the park…)

Whenever I go somewhere that is particularly inspiring, I alwaysss look up a bit of history. I am so struck by the feeling of all those who had stories in the exact same place years and years before me. Clea said to me at a few points during the trip “I think you were born in the wrong decade!” haha and I kinda agree.

Take a look at this list of hidden secrets about Central Park. Sometimes you leave a little piece of your heart somewhere, I feel like my heart is all over the place to be honest! Central Park has a piece of it for sure. Can you image how dreamy it would be in the fall? The leaves, the smell.. heavenly.

Peeps that are from the city or visit often, what do you like to do in Central Park? I’ll add them to my list next time I’m there!

Outfit Details:

For those that have asked about the necklace I wear all the time, I got it at a little boutique in NH. See below for a similar one 🙂

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  1. Elly your overalls are ADORABLE! I’m in love. Also this makes me want to visit NYC all over again… esp since I haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time in Central Park!

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