usa road trip: Chicago & St. Louis

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Chicago & St. Louis, both cities I honestly knew very little about before we arrived. Let me first start by saying that Chicago was WARMLY and desperately welcomed by us haha. We arrived in Chicago at about 5:30am after driving 16 hours – straight from NYC. We were delusional and I remember very little about our arrival. This was the night where we ran out of gas in a corn field in Ohio, hiked to a gas station and got sprayed by an exploding gas pump (and that series of events do not even scratch the surface of the disaster we were in the middle of…) SO our arrival into Chicago felt like heaven haha. Take a peek at my road trip tips here to avoid a few very avoidable mistakes.

We spent two nights (well if you count arriving at 5:30am a night?) in Chicago and had a blast! Most of our time was spent working, but we did manage to see a few cool things! I think our biggest mistake was not getting deep dish pizza!! Everyone thought we were crazy when we said we had ramen instead haha. Oh well no regrets, the ramen was amazing!



The London House: highly recommend – very close to lots walking distance



Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen

Stans Donuts


The Bean

Millennium Park

We also happened to be there for the solar eclipse! I honestly felt like the whole thing was slightly anticlimactic but there was one thing that I found super powerful… and that was all the people. Hundreds of people swarmed out of their office buildings that afternoon, all gazing up at the sky, sharing glasses & passing them around so everyone could experience it together. It was one of those moments that reminds you how much of the same we all are. The sun, the sky, the moon… they neutralize us. At a few times that day I felt myself tearing up.  The feeling was overwhelming… everyone, all at once let go of their differences and allowed themselves to be the same, all appreciating ONE thing – even if just for a moment. I felt extra proud of humans that day 🙂


Our next stop was St. Louis! St. Louis was absolutely adorable. We stayed in the coziest Airbnb and spent the day strolling around the streets lined with old brick homes.


This cozy Airbnb apartment 


Rise Coffee

Pappy’s Smokehouse, we heard this place was amazing! But when we went they had no food left haha. So I guess it’s that great?

The Shaved Duck, we ended up going here and it was worth the long wait!!


Forest Park, this park is really big and pretty famous. There are so many beautiful places to sit and relax, explore, or just take in the fresh air.


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  1. OMG this looks amazing! Chicago is also totally on my bucket list, I was supposed to go this summer but things didn’t work out unfortunately. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Emma! We were so excited when everyone moved for just one second!! It’s cool to see how many people are there though.

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